Terms & Condition

929shopping Uses: Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”)

Important information: Please read this Agreement carefully before activating Your eWallet. The terms of this Agreement apply to all Customers

1. Definitions and Interpretations

1.1 Capitalised words and expressions used in the Agreement have the following meaning, unless otherwise stated:

‘Agreement’ means these Terms and Conditions together with the Product Information, as may be amended from time to time;

‘Business Day’ means any day on which banks are normally open for business in India, other than a Saturday, Sunday or national or public holiday in India;

‘Electronic money’ or ‘e-money’ means electronically stored monetary value as represented by a claim on Us which is issued on receipt of funds for the purpose of making Transactions and which is accepted by a natural or legal person other than Us;

‘eWallet’ means the Web-based electronic money (e-money) account opened and maintained by Us in Your name;

‘Fees’ means any Fees, tariff and charges that may be charged by Us and which are stated in the Fees Section and available on Our Website (as amended from time to time);

‘Merchant’ means an internet retailer or any other person that accepts Transactions on its Third Party eWallet with Us;

‘Person’ includes an individual, firm, company, corporation or an unincorporated body of persons;

‘Product Information’ means the relevant information provided on Our Website and in the Amendments to this Agreement on the specific features, terms, conditions and Fees that apply to Your eWallet, as may be amended from time to time;

‘Third Party eWallet’ means the Web-based electronic money (e-money) account opened and maintained by Us in the name of a third party, including a Merchant;

‘Transaction’ means the transfer of e-money from Your eWallet to a Third Party eWallet or from a Third Party eWallet to Your eWallet;

We’, ‘Us’ or ‘our’ refers to 929shopping'

‘Website’ means our Website at: www.929shopping.com

‘You’, ‘Your’ or the ‘Customer’ refers to the person in whose name the eWallet is registered.

2. Introduction

2.1 This agreement between You and Us regulates the opening, the use and closure of Your eWallet, including the issuance and redemption of e-money and execution of transactions by Us in relation to Your eWallet. Should You require the issuance of any additional services and/or products an additional agreement may have to be drafted and it will be provided to You when committing to these new services and/or products. Prepaid, debit or virtual cards issued are governed by separate agreements.

2.2 You confirm that You fully understand and accept this Agreement (including the Fees set out in the Product Information and/or in the Fees Sections in order to register Your eWallet.

2.3 This Agreement will take effect on the date You registered your eWallet.

2.4We may appoint one or more Distributor. While the Distributor may distribute the eWallet on Our behalf, it does not act as Our Distributor in the issuing of e-money or the carrying out of any Transactions.

2.5If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable or illegal, the remaining Clauses will continue in full force and effect.

2.6No person other than You shall have any rights under this Agreement. Your eWallet is personal to You and You may not assign or otherwise transfer any rights under this Agreement to any third party, without Our prior consent in writing.

3. Licence & Contact Information

3.1 929shopping is registered with MSME.

3.2 All communications should be addressed to [email protected]

4. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

4.1 We may update or amend these Terms and Conditions (including Our Production Information and Fees Section). Notice of any Changes will be given on the Website or by notification by e-mail or by means of mobile device.

5. Your Representations and Acknowledgements

5.1 Upon accepting this Agreement and any amended versions thereof, you represent and warrant to Us, on an on-going basis, that:

5.1.2 In case of any contingency that You need to authorise a Third Party to act on Your behalf, all instructions given to the Third Party have to be authorised by You and Us for all intents and purposes of this agreement.

5.1.3 You are obliged to act in Your name and not on behalf of a third party unless otherwise notified to do so in writing and confirmed and accepted by Us.

5.1.4 You commit that all funds used to load/reload Your eWallet originate from legitimate activities and sources.

 6. Fees and Charges

6.1 We may charge Fees in connection with any of Our services and facilities that You have made use of or requested based on Our Production Information and/or Fees Section.

6.2. Where any request, transaction, disputed transaction, arbitration or reversed transaction Involves third party costs You remain liable for these and they will be deducted from Your Account or otherwise charged to You.

6.3 You agree that any Fees and other amounts due and payable to Us under the Agreement may be deducted from your eWallet without notice. Such deductions may be made at any time, and without us notifying you, but these will be reflected in the information on your eWallet.

7. Your eWallet

7.1. We reserve the right to not accept Your application for an eWallet and We are not obliged to provide the reason for declining Your application.

7.2 We can at any time interrupt Your eWallet e.g. when We carry out maintenance. If this occurs, You may not be able to make Your purchases via Your eWallet; to load/reload Your eWallet or to obtain any information in regards to Your eWallet and Your transactions.

7.3Funds received by Us for the loading/reloading of Your eWallet will be exchanged for electronic money. Electronic money stored on the eWallet constitutes a claim on Us, which is personal to You and no person other than You has any rights in relation to the electronic money stored in the eWallet. You may not assign or transfer any claims or rights You have in respect of Your eWallet to any third party or otherwise grant any third party any security right or other legal interest over it.

7.4You agree and understand that You can have only one eWallet with US.

7.5The eWallet is an electronic money account which enables You to send and receive electronic payments.

8. Opening Your eWallet

8.1 An eWallet can be applied for on Our Website, Our App or through Our authorised Distributor.

8.2 Your wallet will be activated once You register online by completing the appropriate form found on the Website.

8.3 You must keep the log-in details and password related to Your eWallet safe, secure and private at all times and You must not disclose them to any third party including friends or family.

8.4 Following successful registration and activation of Your eWallet, You will be able to load Your eWallet. Depending on the method of loading, a Fee may apply, as detailed in the Product Information and/or Fees Section.

8.5 You will be able to view the Transactions posted on Your eWallet including the relative amounts and any Fees applied on Your eWallet through the online portal on Our Website. You should check Your Transaction history regularly and report immediately any irregularities or enquiries You have to Us.

8.6 You must ensure that all information You provide is truthful and up-to-date at all times. We shall not be held liable for any loss caused by Your failure to do so. Any amendments to Your contact details should be communicated to Us immediately, by sending the relevant documentation at the e-mail address stated on Our Website.

8.7 If You suspect that a third party is aware of the log-in details or password related to Your eWallet or if such details have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, subject to unauthorised use or have become compromised, You must change them on Our Website immediately

8.8 You must not use Your eWallet for an unlawful or illegal purpose.

9. Sending and Receiving Funds E-Money

9.1 You can log in into Your account by using Your log in details and password and transfer e-money from Your wallet to a Third Party eWallet through the online portal on our Website

9.2Upon receiving e-money into Your eWallet We shall display them in Your Transaction history. You should regularly check the Transaction history and reconcile incoming Transactions with Your own records.

 10. Loading/Reloading funds into Your eWallet

10.1In order for You to reload Your account You have to log in through our Website by using Your account details and following the relevant instructions. Payments made by You for loading/reloading that are executed by third party payment services providers are not part of Our service. We do not guarantee the use of them and is at our discretion to discontinue them at any given time.

10.2For the purposes of a loading/reloading transaction through a payment account or credit or debit card or other payment instrument, We are the recipient of the payment and not a payment service provider.

10.3The transactions effected through approved credit or debit cards, take place without the crucial and required data/information being stored or saved by Us.

 11. Prohibited actions and Transactions

11.1 It is strictly prohibited to use Your wallet for purposes including, but not limited to, Money Laundering, fraud, terrorist financing or such other illegal/criminal activities.

11.2 It is strictly prohibited to use Your wallet to receive funds from persons or entities engaged in fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud or other illegal / criminal activities.

11.3 If You act in breach or We believe that You may be acting in breach of the prohibitions contained in Clauses 11.1 and 11.2 We reserve the right to:

11.3.1 Decline to perform or reverse the transaction and simultaneously terminate or suspend your eWallet; and/or

11.3.2 Report the transaction to the relevant law enforcement agency and/or qualified authority; and/or

11.3.3 Claim damages from You or charge You a fee as detailed in the Product Information and/or Fees Section;

11.3.5 It is strictly Your responsibility to ensure that You only send or receive e-money from or to Persons or entities for the sale or supply of goods and services that You may provide or receive in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. Funds that have been transferred to another Persons' or entity’s account does not indicate the legality of the supply or provision of their goods or services. It is required that You should not proceed with any transactions in the instance where You have any hints that this transaction is not legal.

12. Execution of Transactions

12.1 Transactions are regarded as authorised by You where You have given Your consent to the execution of the Transaction by confirming the Transaction Order in such form as may be specified in the Product Information or the instructions provided depending on the means used to give us a Transaction order. A Transaction shall be considered to be authorised only after You have given consent to execute the Transaction.

12.2 Unless We are prohibited by law from doing so, We reserve the right to execute Transaction requests given by You, which received by us, only when all the conditions set out in the Agreement are fulfilled to our satisfaction.

12.3 We will perform transactions to transfer e-money from Your eWallet if sufficient e-money balance is available in Your eWallet (including any applicable Fees), taking into account other orders received by Us even if such orders have not been executed yet.

13. Liability

13.1Where Your eWallet is faulty due to Our default, Our liability shall be limited to re-activating Your eWallet or, at Our choice, repayment to You of the Available Balance.

13.2Where sums are incorrectly deducted from Your Available Balance due to Our fault, Our liability shall be limited to payment to You of an equivalent amount.

13.3Our obligations under this Agreement relate to the issuing of e-money, the operation of the eWallet and related services and We take no responsibility for any losses incurred relating to the quality, safety and legality of any goods or services provided by the Merchant or other Payee

13.4We will not be held liable for any acts or omissions of or any Fees charged by third parties, such as other banks, for use of their facilities or services, or for the assessment or payment of any taxes, duties or other charges that arise from the underlying commercial transaction between You and another Client.

13.5You are responsible for Your eWallet, any Username, PIN number and Account passwords. Do not share Your eWallet or Account security details with anyone. In the event of theft, fraud or any other risk of an unauthorised use of Your eWallet, You must immediately notify Us using the contact details given in Our Website. We will take all reasonable steps to stop any unauthorised use of Your eWallet, which may mean that We will suspend Your eWallet. You may also block Your eWallet by following the instructions provided on Our Website to block/suspend the eWallet.

14. Merchants disputes

14.1 In the case that the result of an investigation stipulates that the transaction that has been disputed was genuine and made by You, We reserve the right to charge You a Fee as detailed in the Product Information and/or Fees Section.

14.2 It is under our discretion to assist You with any qualifying disputes in the case that You fail to resolve the dispute with the merchant.

14.3 In the case that We decide to assist You with a dispute You have with a merchant, it is under our discretion and We reserve the right not to refund sums to You, if We strongly believe that Your actions do not comply with the terms of this Agreement. You will not receive a refund until our investigation is complete.

14.4 We accept no responsibility or liability for a Merchant refusing to honour an underlying transaction in respect of which You have made a Transaction on Your eWallet or failing to cancel such transaction.

15. Termination and Suspension

15.1If Your eWallet has not had any Transactions (excluding all and any Fees and charges that may apply) for a period of at least 1 year, We reserve the right to close it and to terminate this Agreement. We will notify You of Our intentions before closing Your eWallet.

15.2We reserve the right to suspend Your eWallet at any time in order to justify reasons related to the security of Your eWallet or in the case that there is any suspicious activity, unauthorised transaction or fraudulent in regards to the uses of Your eWallet. We will notify You in case We have suspended Your account, where possible.

15.3Upon termination of this Agreement, all pending Transactions and Fees will be processed and deducted from Your eWallet, and if a positive balance remains, We will redeem this to You. The redemption proceeds will be paid to You as soon as the appropriate security checks have been satisfactorily completed.

16. Data Protection

16.1 We are the data controller for Your personal data and will process personal data given to us in connection with Your eWallet in order to administer Your eWallet and provide You with services relating to the Account and this Agreement. We may also use Your personal data for marketing purposes and for market research purposes, in accordance with applicable legislation and Our Privacy Policy. Should You not wish to have Your personal data processed for direct marketing purposes at any point in the future, You are required to inform Us accordingly as per contact us page

16.2 Further to the above, You agree that We, at Our discretion, may record any telephone conversations between You and Us and that such recordings may be used as evidence of Your Instructions and/or for training purposes with the objective of improving Our services.

16.3By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You acknowledge and agree to Our processing of Your personal data in this way.

16.4You have also seen Our Privacy Policy on Our Website and acknowledge and agree to the provisions thereof (as amended from time to time).