Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Not only for a mobile recharge or data card recharge, there are many different ways, you can use our products and services. 

As you have pledged to ourselves, to provide you a risk free and hassle free world class service. Your individual privacy is critically significant to us. Here, our Privacy Policy simply explains what kind of information we collect from you, why we collect your information and how we use collected your information, and finally, how you can update or access your information.

Though, we have tried to keep it simple and clear, but in any case you have any problem with technical terminology or any information supplied by us, you can simply contact us, to rectify your problem.


We simply collect your information, to provide better and rich experience with your subsequent visits. For example, what kind of mobile recharge, you supposedly want, what kind of bus type you like to travel and what kind of deals or offers you like the most. We collect your information in two different ways.

Technical Information – The Information We Fetch

Whenever you use our service, our analytics fetches your technical information, like your browser, ip address, your operating system, and much other technically relevant information.


We collect your personal information, to understand your personal behavior, and choices, so we can create better experience for you, whenever you visit our web portal and secondly, to offer you better deals and propagation than your ideal choice.

We collect your technical information, simply for the sake of improving our back-end technology, so we can give you quick and hassle free experience. And you always come back to use our service.


We always provide an access point to your information whenever you use our services. So there is no need to worry about information access and updatation. But in any case, if you have any problem in accessing your own information, you can always contact us.


We don’t share any personal or confidential information to any third-party for commercial and personal profit. However, we use your information for our in-house projects to make better future products and services.


We are GeoTrust certified service, which guarantees your personal information is in safe hands, and 100% secured from any internet hack or data theft attacks. Though along with GeoTrust SSL certification, we have also employed many security checks to make leak-free system.


Our Privacy Policy may change every once in a while. Though, we make these changes on growing demand of consumer or to compile with Government or Industry guidelines, but we won't decrease your rights under this Privacy Policy without your voice being heard. We will post any changes in Privacy Policy over here on this page. So keep visiting this page, for getting regular updates on privacy policy.

Updated Privacy Policy / Private Laws For 929shopping's Customer/Distributor, effected from 1st April 2021.

1. One Mobile One ID/ One Pan One ID

1.1Husband and wife Treated as One ID. There are no difference between Husband and Wife. 

1.2 If have different ID , March with another or deactivated one ID.

1.3 If getting Divorce or stay separate then take different ID.

1.4 Staying with but Need different ID then ID can take within same team.

1.5 If Earning ID, going to Divorce or stay Seperate then Earning will be divided into two parts.

1.6 After divorce, ID and earning will be get 1st Person who's KYC documents uploaded and who using the ID from stating day.

1.7 If ID holder's death will come by Accident /normally then husband/wife will get that ID as 1st prefer. 

1.8. If Both are absent ,then ID will be get his/her Child, Understanding with another child , if they are age above 18+.

1.9 If not Understanding with another child then Earning will be divided into equal opportunity to all children.

1.10 If Children are minor, then Company should taken it's discreet decision.